The Inner Game of Winning - Gary Sanchez - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 021

Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is an outstanding podcast host, an endurance achiever, and a dominating Racquetball professional! Introducing Gary Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer at WHY Institute, Co-Owner at Sanchez Dental Associates, and CEO at The HealthChair. Gary teams up with host Gregory McDonough to explore the distinction between practicing and playing. Gary also shares insights on how to secure a victory before even stepping onto the field.

  • The endurance mindset has impacted Gary’s life unexpectedly from finding his way around sports. He started with basketball but soon realized that it wasn’t fitting what his aspirations were. He came upon Racquetball which soon led to him becoming the world champion by competing in 52 games within 5 days. He learned how to compete and how to push his limits to score high goals.
  • When starting with Racquetball, Gary didn’t know how to play very well. He would spend countless hours in front of a mirror perfecting his swing and stances to train his muscles on how to operate the racquet. He learned a system for finding success in this sport by copying himself in the mirror.
  • After reading a book called The Inner Game of Tennis, Gary learned a lot more about competing. He learned about the outer game of being able to have good mechanics to hit the ball and create amazing stamina, then he learned the inner game of how to compete. In your mind, it is important to motivate yourself and teach yourself how to win before stepping foot on the court.
  • Gary believes that there is an art to winning and an art to losing, once you learn how to win, it translates into everything around you. This led him to become more tactical with endurance sports. 
  • What Gary has learned over the years of endurance sports is if you have trained to do a sport one way, then once you are tired, you will only know that one way to do it. It is important to learn different ways to play so you don’t run your battery out quickly. 
  • Over the years of endurance sports, Gary has learned that being competitive isn’t always the best thing. There's more to competitive sports and coaching. Coaching his young daughters taught him how to enjoy the game versus hyper-focusing on winning. 

Quote of the Show:
  • "There’s an art to winning and there’s an art to losing." - Gary Sanchez


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Gregory McDonough
Gregory McDonough
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The Inner Game of Winning - Gary Sanchez - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 021
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