Taking the First Step with Sam Schaefer - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 039

Today’s guest is an inspiring author and athletic coach. Introducing Sam Schaefer, Owner of Schaefer Adaptive Methods. Sam partners with host Gregory McDonough to share his experiences, coaching methodology, and personal routines that help him remain resilient and focused. He also delves into how he assists others, particularly amputees and general population clients, in using the power of perspective to achieve their personal fitness goals.

  • Sam's philosophy of endurance and his perspective on adversity suggest it's about showing up consistently and building resilience over time. Understand that enduring anything is about consistently showing up, irrespective of feeling.
  • It’s important to improve your ability to make complex ideas understandable to people from diverse fields or with different interests. This communication strategy, when used with athletes, emphasizes defining their desired experience first and then mapping out the steps to achieve it. 
  • Adversity shapes Sam's approach to coaching, training, and performance. Using your life experiences, especially the hardships, as a catalyst to understand and empathize with others, is what will help you succeed. 
  • Sam's application of endurance mindset in coaching includes utilizing his communication skills and understanding athletes' goals and perspectives. When working with others, it’s crucial to gain understanding of the experience they aspire to have and use this as the focal point of communication.
  • Consider integrating mindfulness practices like breathwork into your daily routine for better emotional and stress regulation. This practice has been proven to serve as an anchor in periods of change or distress, providing a sense of normalcy and control.
  • Sam's coaching business and his clientele include the general population and amputees. He encourages other to be open and ready to work with individuals from different backgrounds and circumstances as it helps to broaden perspective and improve problem-solving skills.
Quote of the Show:
  • "You’re not in pain, you’re just experiencing it." - Sam Schaefer
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Taking the First Step with Sam Schaefer - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 039
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