Running the Business Marathon - J.T. Service - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 23

Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is a visionary leader in endurance sports! Introducing J.T. Service, Founder & CEO of Soul Focus and Run Local Ventures. J.T. partners with host, Gregory McDonough, to share his resilient approach to challenges and how he builds up his company to see the vision in team collaboration. He also touches on critical points of event preparation and the beauty of endurance sports. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss!

  • Endurance athletes' willingness to embrace discomfort extends beyond sports, improving their ability to handle life's unexpected challenges with determination and composure. This is a valuable skill applicable in both business and daily life.
  • As a business owner, J.T. faces daily challenges in various forms. He approaches them with resilience and the belief that they can be overcome, comparing them to mile 18 of a marathon – difficulties are temporary, and panicking only exacerbates the situation.
  • Soul Focus’s core mission is to inspire community movement and happiness through their work in event management. The goal is to instill purpose in team members, seeing challenging work as a powerful way to create a positive impact within the company.
  • Understanding your mission and why you're doing it, along with teamwork and enthusiasm, are vital in challenging situations. Akin to how endurance athletes benefit from a dedicated early-morning crew ensuring everything is prepared for their race.
  • Building an event involves securing roads, services, equipment, and volunteers. The thrill comes when everything aligns, from the start to the race's beauty and its dismantling, reflecting the unexpected joy of our endurance mindset.
  • The beauty of endurance sports lies in the contrast between calm, confident readiness and nervous, unprepared energy. Elite athletes exude quiet confidence, ensuring they'll perform well, while those displaying nervous energy often appear unprepared and uncertain.
  • Soul Focus shifted sponsorship strategies after not receiving satisfactory results. Teaming up with partners like Hoka, Under Armour, Strava, and GoPro helped nationwide event marketing and sponsorship, expanding their services beyond event creation.

Quote of the Show:
  • "Our purpose is to help people move." - J.T. Service


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Gregory McDonough
Gregory McDonough
Greg McDonough is a seasoned executive who has owned and operated businesses in the professional services sector, navigating them through both good and tough times. He brings his personal experience of knowing what it’s like to be ‘in the owner’s seat’ when working with clients, taking time to ask the questions others may not.
Running the Business Marathon - J.T. Service - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 23
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