Rising Through Strength and Vulnerability - Tina Hurley - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 031

Today’s guest is a Board Certified Physician Associate, adaptive educator, and Keynote speaker! Please welcome Tina Hurley, Founder & President of Less Leg More Heart! Join Greg and Tina as she shares her journey from being a board-certified physician associate, Founder & President of Less Leg More Heart, to becoming a CrossFit athlete and living life as an amputee. She discusses the development of her endurance mindset and how it has helped her face life’s challenges. She also shares how her non-profit organization is helping other amputees by providing holistic care and support. It’s a truly inspiring episode you don’t want to miss! 

  • Sometimes as humans, we lack awareness of our capabilities and the necessary components for finding solutions. It is important to cultivate an endurance mindset and acknowledge that this understanding was gained through trial and error. 
  • The slogan for Less Leg More Heart, which promotes recognizing strength and vulnerability, is "Rise by Lifting Others." It underscores the idea that seeking help from others not only benefits us but also brings joy and fulfillment to those who offer support. 
  • The organization provides comprehensive and customized support that goes beyond clinical information. Some aspects include social, economic, and psychological features to create a thorough profile of each individual. 
  • The key lesson learned in business is to humbly surround oneself with smarter individuals. It's essential not to feel overwhelmed by the ultimate goal, but to focus on the next step. Seeking counsel or guidance when unsure about the path is a valuable approach to progress.
  • Continuous adaptation, flexibility, and resilience are key for enduring success in the face of life's unpredictability and challenges. It’s crucial to embrace change, trust your abilities, see setbacks as learning opportunities, and understand that some phases are for growth rather than immediate success.

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  • "The endurance mindset is all about building your toolbelt and utilizing the right tools for each stage of your journey." - Tina Hurley


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Rising Through Strength and Vulnerability - Tina Hurley - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 031
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