Right Place, Right Time - Amy Dixon - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 020

Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is an absolute inspiration and a lucky athlete! Introducing Amy Dixion, Director of Patient Advocacy at Eye C Better and Patient Advocate & Expert Speaker at No Sight No Limits Inc. Amy partners with host Gregory McDonough to share her journey of cultivating a resolute, optimistic perspective toward her disability. She also delves into conquering her fear of swimming and gaining her confidence back to scale new heights!

  • The endurance mindset has impacted Amy’s life unexpectedly by gaining an unanticipated positive outlook towards her disability. She now views it not as an obstacle to high performance, but rather as a catalyst for pushing herself to exceptional levels of achievement. This new perspective has only heightened her motivation and also forged a remarkable resilience within her.
  • From a young age, she learned gratitude through her upbringing, fostering a genuine appreciation for opportunities with her sister. Their involvement in household duties illuminated the value of hard work, even modest rewards with deep thankfulness.
  • After her diagnosis, Amy bravely joined YMCA lessons despite anxiety caused by weight gain from treatment. Overcoming her fears, she reignited her love for the water and found peace there. Notably, her visual impairment doesn't hinder her independence in the water, making it a place of self-reliance.
  • Amy's inspiration to delve into swimming was ignited by Carolyn Gaynor, a guide and esteemed contributor to Triathlete Magazine. Their shared triumph at the finish line bore testament to Amy's transformation into an official triathlete, achieving this feat within a remarkable 10% of the winning time for the Paratriathlon, as Carolyn proudly noted.
  • Amy's journey to secure her place on the National Team was marked by a demanding and meticulous process. To earn this high-honored spot, you must rank within the top 10. Recognizing this challenge, Amy strategically initiated her ascent by participating in lower-level races, which presented a more accessible entry point. By commencing her journey on this humble scale, Amy paved the way for herself, achieving points that propelled her towards the ultimate goal of joining the national ranks.
  • Amy sees herself as incredibly lucky for stopping her disease's progression, maintaining about 2% vision in her right eye and perceiving shapes and colors with her left. This fuels her deep gratitude, and she approaches each day with thankfulness. Even if her sight worsens, she accepts it peacefully, having exceeded doctors' predictions and cherished unexpected years.

Quote of the Show:
  • "The only obstacle is a bad attitude." - Amy Dixon


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Right Place, Right Time - Amy Dixon - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 020
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