Pedals and Paths: A Cyclist's Journey - Will Slappey - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 019

Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is a visionary leader, Ironman competitor, and an inspired cyclist! Introducing Will Slappey, Chief Executive Officer at IT Voice. Will partner with host Gregory McDonough to share his insights on working hard to overcome road bumps and building a strong foundation for yourself. Will also delve into the importance of concluding your race with strength and giving it your utmost effort to cross the finish line!

  • The enduring mindset has impacted Will unexpectedly by motivating him to work really hard by meticulously preparing for any and all events that cross his path. He has overcome the mindset of not being perfect, and instead, created space to work hard and achieve whatever goal he has in front of him.
  • Setting up patterns and rhythms is the best way to show your team that you appreciate and acknowledge all the hard work they do. Will believes that it should be required that these focus times include gifts, handwritten sentiments, or quality time with various team members. Doing these gifts and appreciation times will help create a human connection and motivates his team to run a better race.
  • The sooner you can do something, learn something, or master something, the better. It is crucial to dedicate yourself to time and invest in culture with people because there will always be bumps in the road that are unavoidable. Will highly suggest having a solid team as your safety net.
  • By embodying self-initiative, a strong work ethic, kindness, generosity, and employees can contribute to a positive work culture. This can promote innovation, effective communication, and the overall growth of the organization. 
  • At IT Voice, they strive to show great support to their dedicated customers by advancing their customer service. From traditional desktop and network services to more modern-day technology, they are eager to turn any complex work into a simple service for their customers. 
  • While AI has gained popularity and becomes a handy tool for many, it doesn’t have the capability to acquire genuine cognitive reasoning. As AI abbreviates the route to solutions and expedites the journey for some, it shortens the path for others.
  • Will expresses the importance of being a part of a team that shares different skill sets as it helps everyone learn to adapt and take into consideration one another’s attributes. Understanding your lack in an area could be someone else’s strength, is a strength in and of itself. 

Quote of the Show:
  • "We have to be more intentional to create discipline in our lives." - Will Slappey


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Gregory McDonough
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Pedals and Paths: A Cyclist's Journey - Will Slappey - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 019
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