Jumping to Success - David Hunt - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 22

Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is an inspiring friend and dedicated professional who has overcome tremendous fitness obstacles! Introducing David Hunt, Founder & CEO of Crossrope. David partners with host Gregory McDonough to share his insights into his jump rope passion. He also delves into the value of an optimistic mindset, how to build and maintain healthy company culture, and his personal wisdom when it comes to cardio fitness. 

  • In 2016, with an enduring mindset, David clung to any shred of realistic optimism and hope, just putting one foot in front of the other. Fortunately, things started to improve that year, and it was the catalyst he needed to turn his lifelong dream into reality.
  • David loved the freedom of being his own boss. So, after four years of this being his side hustle, he was motivated to make it his full-time job. Transitioning this from a side venture to a full-time commitment helped him focus on his passion for fitness and products.
  • Crossrope has used their community's insights to improve jump rope fitness with unique features. These include personalized targets, heart rate-based training via Apple Watch, and community leaderboards for engaging tailored workouts that motivate through friendly competition. 
  • David is a firm believer in the Stockdale Paradox, which highlights maintaining blind optimism can be detrimental. It’s not about continuous optimism. Instead, it’s crucial to balance hope with realism, a lesson that resonated with David in both businesses' early years. 
  • Embracing transparency and communication is something Crossrope strives for. This approach has helped retain their high-performing team and maintain a strong company culture. This value sets them apart from common practices that often mask underlying issues within a company. 
  • Finding himself excessively training, David thought of purchasing a jump rope which quickly became a full-fledged fitness tool and a core element of his fitness routine. It filled the gap for cardio training, making it fun, engaging, and accessible on the go. 
  • David wanted to share his personal knowledge and experiences, but lacking formal personal trainer certifications and a sports science degree made that difficult. Instead, he created a YouTube channel which included workout videos, challenges, and workout PDF’s.

Quote of the Show:
  • “It is my job as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Endurance Officer to set the right mindset for the team around the expectations." - David Hunt


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Jumping to Success - David Hunt - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 22
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