Fueling Success - Laura Jorgensen - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 042

Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is a highly analytical finance professional who has a passion for empowering and informing athletes through the discovery of better nutrition and gear! Introducing Laura Jorgensen, the CEO of The Runner/Rider Box and Fuel Goods. Laura partners with host Gregory McDonough to discuss her journey from being a professional athlete to an entrepreneur, her endurance mindset, and how it has impacted her life and business. She also delves into her love for high-performance teams, her strategy to build successful businesses, and the future of nutrition for athletes. It’s a great episode you don’t want to miss!

  • Laura speaks on how her career as a professional athlete shaped her mindset to always strive for the best version of herself. She suggests that with this mindset, challenges are viewed as opportunities for growth, rather than setbacks.
  • The importance of being adaptable in business is discussed, with Laura attributing the success of her companies to their ability to respond to changes in the market and pivot quickly.
  • Laura highlights how the endurance mindset has been instilled in the culture of her companies, fostering a work environment that embraces challenges, flexibility, and continuous improvement.
  • Sharing her journey of starting several businesses, embracing challenges, and continuously seeking growth and improvement, Laura underscores the importance of visioning for any entrepreneur. She advises them to assess who they need to be in five years to achieve their goals.
  • Laura shares her insights into the future of sports nutrition, pointing out the move towards further personalization and the use of technology to offer tailor-made solutions for athletes.
Quote of the Show:
  • "It’s not about how you get to the finish line, it’s just that you get there." - Laura Jorgensen 
  • “Feeling good is fueling good.” - Laura Jorgensen 
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Gregory McDonough
Gregory McDonough
Greg McDonough is a seasoned executive who has owned and operated businesses in the professional services sector, navigating them through both good and tough times. He brings his personal experience of knowing what it’s like to be ‘in the owner’s seat’ when working with clients, taking time to ask the questions others may not.
Fueling Success - Laura Jorgensen - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 042
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