Finding Fulfillment in Your Purpose - Amy Castronova - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 025

Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is a leadership facilitator passionate about helping others find joy and freedom through coaching! Introducing Amy Castronova, President at Leadership Alchemy. Amy partners with host Gregory McDonough to share her journey from writing to coaching, focusing on the right next thing, and trusting your intuition. She also delves into understanding your feelings and how to separate them for personal insights, and emphasizing the importance of aligning with your true desires.

  • Amy transitioned from owning a technical writing company to coaching entrepreneurs. Here, she fostered personal growth, and aided them in leadership development and purpose rediscovery. Shifting from engineering to a more creative role fueled her endurance mindset.
  • The endurance mindset Amy had, made her approach life and business as sprints, where she adapted to challenges like pivoting her business, doubling its size, or selling it by mastering new skills. Focusing on the “right next thing” sustained her long-term success.
  • Responding in the moment, whether it's a challenge or an opportunity, and focusing on the right next step, helps create discipline and avoid unnecessary future steps. The key is to concentrate on what's currently at hand, whether it's a request, a new opportunity, or a crisis.
  • Owning Novatek Communications wasn't Amy’s sole purpose. She embarked on a quest to uncover her true purpose and explored quantum human design to understand energy types and enhance energy management. This led to more effective use of her energy.
  • Recognizing intuition was tough for Amy due to her engineering background. She learned to trust it by understanding its feelings and sounds. She started recommending separating thoughts and feelings, through writing or nature, to tune into personal messages without expecting grand revelations.
  • Passion can be reignited in our daily lives; it is often lost when we no longer do what excites us. Changes in business or personal growth can also lead to this. Amy provided a tool and started a discussion on using energy effectively, leading to valuable insights.
  • Committing to unwanted tasks, like attending events against when we’d rather be home, leads to frustrations. Aligning with our true desires brings ease and better outcomes, while going against our natural energy creates resistance.

Quote of the Show:
  • "If I focus and use my energy correctly at each stage, I will end up get where I’m going for the long haul." - Amy Castronova


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Gregory McDonough
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Finding Fulfillment in Your Purpose - Amy Castronova - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 025
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