Exercise To Endure The Day - Lauren Mitchell - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 015

Welcome to another captivating episode as we welcome an extraordinary guest who has managed some impressive feats both in and out of work. Introducing Lauren Mitchell, Director of National Accounts at Produce Alliance, LLC and host of the Grounded podcast. Lauren joins host Gregory McDonough to unveil an innovative approach for cultivating face-to-face connections with clients. Get ready to be inspired by Lauren's advice on optimizing your body and mind for peak performance in the business world.

  • When faced with daunting challenges, Lauren will create remarkable opportunities to forge a profound connection with others. Endurance is a common thread woven through diverse activities such as running and biking. This helps ignite a shared sense of purpose, strengthening bonds.
  • Office meetings can turn your meeting into an exhausting one. To keep your client captivated, take them outside or on a walk. This offers a refreshing twist, catering to the more interactive and personal meeting. Foster genuine connections in a dynamic and energizing setting.
  • In a busy lifestyle, it's common to neglect to be more active and settle to rest. Lauren advises treating exercise as a necessity. By viewing it as this, you unlock the key to making exercise a priority. Soon, each day becomes infused with newfound energy, propelling you towards greater productivity and well-being.
  • Prioritizing your fundamental needs, such as regular exercise and nourishing food, provides an invaluable opportunity to reset, equipping you with the endurance and resilience required to easily continue the day. By investing in self-care, your physical and mental well-being navigates through life's challenges with purpose. Embrace each moment with a heightened sense of focus and clarity.
  • When fueling an endurance-driven life, it is important to discover nutrition that perfectly complements your body and lifestyle. Embracing a personalized approach to nourishment is essential, as it empowers you to identify the foods that truly energize and sustain you throughout your dynamic journey.

Quote of the Show:
  • “Running fuels my legs, my mind, and my creativity.” - Lauren Mitchell


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Gregory McDonough
Gregory McDonough
Greg McDonough is a seasoned executive who has owned and operated businesses in the professional services sector, navigating them through both good and tough times. He brings his personal experience of knowing what it’s like to be ‘in the owner’s seat’ when working with clients, taking time to ask the questions others may not.
Exercise To Endure The Day - Lauren Mitchell - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 015
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