Aligning Success With Your Passions - Jennifer Desrosiers - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 061

Welcome to another captivating episode! Today’s guest is an architectural engineer with over 20 years of corporate business development experience! Introducing Jennifer Desrosiers, Owner of Altitude. Jennifer partners with host Gregory McDonough to share her approach to creating meaningful guest experiences in her restaurants, the value of mindfulness, and her journey of creating impact through adventure and health. She also provides motivation and strategies for both entrepreneurs and those looking to incorporate an endurance mindset into their personal and professional lives.

  • Like enduring a marathon, building a team and cultivating a positive culture are long-term commitments. Leaders must adopt an endurance mindset, viewing challenges as parts of a continuous journey rather than short-term hurdles. 
  • Jennifer illustrates her transition from a corporate role to entrepreneurship as a quest for alignment with her passions: adventure, wellness, and community building. This stresses the importance of aligning professional endeavors with personal values and passions to drive motivation and satisfaction.
  • A critical strategy shared is the power of visualization. Jennifer not only visualizes success in business but also applies this technique to her personal adventures, such as mountain biking and restaurant management.
  • Jennifer’s approach to building meaningful connections with guests, by valuing their presence and ensuring they feel seen and appreciated, offers a significant lesson in customer service and relationship-building for any business. 
  • Through her businesses, Jennifer promotes an adventurous mindset, equating the uncertainty and flexibility required in adventure with that needed in business. This mindset encourages open-mindedness, adaptability, and embracing uncertainty.
  • Highlighting the importance of team culture, Jennifer shares her selective hiring process, focused on alignment with core values over specific skills. This underlines the importance of building a team whose members share the company’s mission and values, fostering a strong, cohesive work environment.
Quote of the Show:
  • "My success does not hinge on my career. I can create success by aligning with some of my passions." - Jennifer Desrosiers
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Gregory McDonough
Gregory McDonough
Greg McDonough is a seasoned executive who has owned and operated businesses in the professional services sector, navigating them through both good and tough times. He brings his personal experience of knowing what it’s like to be ‘in the owner’s seat’ when working with clients, taking time to ask the questions others may not.
Aligning Success With Your Passions - Jennifer Desrosiers - Chief Endurance Officer - Episode # 061
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